Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance
Animal Sciences Farm, 1258.38 acres Coopers Rock Core Arboretum, 91.00 acres Evansdale Campus, 575.70 acres Jackson's Mill, 545.79 acres Kearneysville Experimental Farm, 158.14 acres Upper Farm -- A total of 386 acres, known as the "Upper Farm," was purchased in 1919 and has gone through several renovations over the years. Meat goats, beef cows and sheep are now raised on the land. While the farm once housed the dairy operation, it is no longer in the milking business but raises dairy heifers on a contractual basis. West Virginia University Institute of Technology- main campus 176 acres

Mission Statement

The Office of Real Estate shall serve the University’s mission by identifying properties of interest that will help define and improve campus growth as well as place an emphasis on using real estate assets to provide additional financial support for institutional operations.


  • Improve instruction, research and service through effective use of real estate.
  • Increase revenue base through real estate holdings.
  • Continue to improve its good relationship with neighbors through long-term land use planning.