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On occasion it is beneficial to lease out space owned by West Virginia University. Circumstances for such a leasing out include:

  • The space is not needed/used by any other WVU entity.
  • The usage would be in conjunction with joint research.
  • To improve services on and to the campus.
  • For income production.

The decision to lease out WVU owned space is made by WVU Administration in adherence with all requirements of the WVU Board of Governors Policy Bulletin Policy 16: Use of Institutional Facilities which includes the charging of indirect (reimbursement of heat, water, light, and annual custodial and maintenance) and direct costs (phone, fax, fiber, equipment usage, etc.). The Real Estate office works with the Tenant to create the lease contract in state code compliant order. Like all leasing endeavors, the contract is signed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the delegation of which has been granted by the Board of Governors via the President.