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Agronomy Farm

Ag farm

The Agronomy Farm, near the Evansdale campus in Morgantown, was the original agronomy farm acquired in 1915 with funds from the City of Morgantown and Monongalia County. In 1946, the experiment station traded acreage from the original agronomy farm to the City of Morgantown for the construction of an airport. It received the county farm in return. In 1959, the airport was expanded, and 85 additional acres of agronomy farm at the airport site were traded for what is now the Agronomy Farm near Canyon Road. Facilities at the farm include the manager's residence, a state-of-the-art pesticide storage and handling facility, two storage buildings for machinery and general storage totaling 6,500 square feet, a 6,000-square-foot office and shop building and a 1,000-bushel-capacity corn storage crib. The farm has implemented a detailed soil conservation plan that includes contour strips, drop boxes, diversion ditches and grass waterways.